Documentation checklist


Credit Report Authorization Form – Click to View

While preparing for your mortgage financing please gather the following information:


  • Driver’s License
  • Last two years W-2’s and 1099’s showing income
  • Most recent two months bank statements (all pages)
  • Most recent two months retirement/401K/investment accounts (all pages)
  • Most recent 30 days pay stubs
  • If self employed provide two years Federal tax returns (all pages, including business tax returns and K-1’s)
  • List of employers and residential addresses for past two years
  • If you pay alimony or child support please provide court order stating the amount
  • Copy of current mortgage statement (if applicable)


In addition to the items above please also provide:

  • Owner’s title insurance policy (when you purchased the home)
  • Copy of current mortgage statement
  • Declarations page of homeowner’s insurance (to show annual premium and coverage)
  • Copy of survey


For questions or clarification on the required documents, feel free to contact our office at: 321-215-4419